‘I want to help the students of Langkaer Gymnasium create a better class environment with the help of a tool that will help them see their classroom in a new light. The tool functions as “the third common denominator” which should encourage them to meet up and discuss. The tool is developed to encourage understanding and strengthen the sense of unity among the students. The project is an example of how social design can transform culture. Increased mutual respect and openness will help Langkaer Gymnasium to create an environment that encourages the students’ learning and understanding of the importance of co-existence in a global world.’

Mette Mørch

‘In 2016 Langkaer Gymnasium was one of the most widely discussed educational institutions in Denmark because of its decision to divide first year students by ethnicity. I have worked on improving the school culture of the gymnasium by working strategically on building meaningful social relations, for example by arranging workshops and facilitating experiments held in the student cafeteria and study area. In order to contribute to a radical change in the school’s communication, social culture and general well-being, I have involved the students, employees, and the school leaders in the process.’

Jane Kloster