About us

Hi! My name is Mette Mørch

I work in the field of tension between human and design. I take a special interest in the behavior of humans and the impact of technology related to people-centered design. I want to make something useful, not just beautiful things to put on a shelf,
but to create positive change
for a better world.

It is important to be involved in the world around us and the impact you can have on it. Therefore, I have been involved in everything from students association to organizing Pecha Kucha Night events. I hopes to combine my interest for society and design in my future work.

I have an unconscious fondness for clothes in blue colors, yellow cheese and black coffee.

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Feel free to contact me:

+45 29 40 95 25

Hi! My name is Jane Kloster

Understanding users is the primary driver for my work as a designer.
By engaging with their actions and motivations I am able to find the right openings for development and thereby create a positive difference. A difference charac­terised by aesthetics and well communicated thinking.Therefore I work in the field of social and service design.

I create transformation and value
with design in different and
challenging spaces.

I am an ice cream fanatic, in love with dots and small green plants.

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Feel free to contact me:

+45 41 81 89 38